Story Time

The dwelling

                 Flames roar blazing towards him just as he ducked behind the cinder block. The flames surrounded him (like water surrounds a fish.) He could feel the heat all around him, it was so hot it made him feel like an oversized bacon cooking in the oven. Once the flames stopped, he stood up, looked over the cinder block (that sheltered him from the heat.) The Dragon let out a big screech (a horrifying sound so piercing he had to cover his ears or he’d go deaf.)  He looked down the narrow cave, the dragon was grasped for her last breath of air, he noticed a dagger in the dragon's chest.  (Blood squirted on his favorite shirt., running down his pants) “Now i have to dry clean this, it will never come out.” He whined. Then he looked back at the dragon, he noticed something shining coming from the other side of the cave, as he looked closer, an older gentleman stepped out from the dark and into the light. This man was in his late fifties. He had gray hair, brown sunglasses, a black jacket and wearing what appeared to be a necklace around his neck. As he came from around the block, he started walking toward the older man. He looked back and the dragon was just gone! (whered the dragon go he thought.) As he got closer to the man he noticed. The old man's nose started to grow, and at the same time you could see hair growing all over his body, nails grew long and then he grew a tail. Then after this long transition, he realized he had turned into a blood sucking werewolf. Then all of the sudden the werewolf started howling “wake up, wake up, you need to wake up Booth!”


             Then all the sudden he jumped out of his seat he was back in elementary school his teacher Miss Klondike asked. “Are you okay booth? Didn’t you get enough sleep?  Why are you drooling?” Booth finally was able to answer. “Sorry miss Klondike, I’ve had a rough morning.” Now that everyone in the classroom was laughing at him, as tears rolled down booths cheeks. Everyone started to call him “drooling cry baby.” Booth then turned around and saw a beautiful redheaded girl. She started screaming, then lunged out at him, she tackled him, then she threw him to the floor. As he opened his eyes he saw a set of alien teeth comes out of her mouth. She was going to eat him. She snapped her teeth around his neck.  He sprung out of his bed. “What a nightmare!” He thought to himself As sweat  rolled down his brow. He jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, then heaved. When he was done, he cleaned it all up and brushed his teeth.


            He walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, Dragged out the milk, grabbed his favorite cereal, then headed out to the living room, turned on the TV. He barely turned it on, when he heard footsteps coming from down the hall. (It was his wife, she looked so beautiful in the light that came from behind her. He thought to himself) Aliza, was a blonde haired (used to be a brunette but dyed it) she had hazel eyes, she was only about 5-10, just a tad shorter than him. “I have to wake up Jeremy,” She yawned while she spoke (Jeremy was one of their two son’s) She leaned into booth wrapped her arms around him and said softly in his ears, “so that I can homeschool him before I go to work, okay honey? Then I gotta go take a shower and get ready.”


              Booth sat and watched tv for awhile. (he loved his Flintstones) He finally got up, went in and took a shower, shaved, shampoo and wash all the good stuff. When Booth was done showering, he walked back into the kitchen.  There he sees his wife and Jeremy. His cute little red headed little boy, he was 8 years old and he was in second grade. Booth leaned over, gave him some attention. He told him to have a good day and be good to your mom. He then walked over to Aliza gave her attention and said “have a great day honey, I love you see you tonight.” Booth Opened the doors and drove off  in his old pontiac.

What should Booth do now?
Quit his job and run away
Go to work
Sign up for college
Find another job
figure out what his dream ment
online surveys